Podsie helps your students remember what they learned

Podsie helps your students remember what they learned

A personalized and automated learning tool built by teachers, to empower teachers

Built to work seamlessly in your classroom

How Podsie Works

A tool that empowers you

How Podsie Makes Your Life Easier

Differentiate effortlessly

Differentiate effortlessly

Create assignments, fill them with questions, and assign them to your classes. Once your students complete an assignment, every question goes into an automated review deck that guides each student in a personalized and differentiated way.

Spend less time creating reviews

Spend less time creating reviews

Let our spacing algorithm automate the work of determining when each students should review a topic and concept to ensure long term content retention.

Monitor your  students' growth

Monitor your students' growth

We provide real-time, rich analytics aligned to your students' learning goals, so you know who needs additional support and the topics they need support in.

A platform backed by learning science

Why Podsie Works

Personalized Review

Students have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to concepts that they need to review. Podsie provides each student with a personalized learning experience so that they use their time efficiently and only study what they need to review.

Research behind Personalized Learning

Spacing & Interleaving

Numerous studies have proven that spacing out a student's review over time promotes durable learning, and it improves information retention by 15% when compared to massed practice. Podsie helps students automatically space out their review in order to promote effective long-term learning.

Research Behind Spacing & Interleaving

Frequent Retrieval

Our understanding of concepts become stronger whenever we are challenged to retrieve it from our memory at the moment we're just about to forget about that concept. Podsie provides your students with retrieval opportunites exactly when they need to review a concept.

Research Behind Frequent Retrieval
"Podsie empowers me in the classroom by helping each student review a concept exactly when they need to review it."

"Podsie empowers me in the classroom by helping each student review a concept exactly when they need to review it."

-Christopher H., 8th Grade Science Teacher

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For Individual Teachers

Our mission is to make learning science best practices more accessible to teachers and students, so we're completely free! Once you sign up, you'll have access to Podsie's full range of features, which includes:

  • Easy-to-use formative assessment tool
  • Automated and differentiated review for each of your students
  • Rich data insights on how your students are doing

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For Schools/Districts

For schools and districts, we offer:

  • Features that allow teachers in your school/district to collaborate with each other on Podsie
  • Professional development
  • Admin-level data reports on student learning progress
  • Custom setup