Podsie for School Leaders

At Podsie, we recognize the crucial role school administrators play in making educational decisions that positively impact both teachers and students.

While our web app currently focuses on features for teachers, understanding its potential benefits for your institution can help facilitate its introduction and maximize its utility.

Why Recommend Podsie to Your Educators?

  • Continued Commitment to Learning Loss Recovery- Podsie was honored in 2021 in the Schmidt Futures' Tools Competition for its dedicated approach to addressing COVID-19 related learning loss.
  • Research-Driven - In partnership with Carnegie Mellon and The University of Memphis, we're on a 4-year National Science Foundation Grant to refine classroom spacing strategies and assess Podsie's efficacy.
  • Expanding Impact with Teaching Lab - Over the last few years, we've served over 20k teachers and students. Recently, Podsie joined Teaching Lab, a proven, mission-aligned nonprofit serving over 700k teachers and students. Recommending Podsie means tapping into an impact-driven network focused on empowering teachers.

Interested in Learning More?

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