Differentiate easily and maximize your students' learning

Podsie lets teachers easily create engaging assignments, efficient review decks, and collaborate with other educators, all seamlessly coming together to provide students a more thorough learning experience.

Get Set Up in Minutes

Follow our simple tutorial to create your class and make your first flashcard deck! Choose from a variety of question types and publish your flashcards as assignments.

Google/Microsoft sign-on

Seamlessly access your account without the hassle of creating new credentials.

Bulk CSV question upload

Easily organize your questions by writing them in a provided Google Sheets template before uploading using a CSV file.

Enroll through class code

Simplify student enrollment by sharing your unique class code, granting them access to the assignments you create.

Personal Deck

Podsie's most crucial feature, the personal deck provides each student with an ongoing, differentiated review experience tailored to their performance!

Personalized Student Learning

Students receive review assignments  customized to target their weaknesses and concepts they struggle with.

Time-Efficient Review

Save time for both teachers and students with this efficient review format, eliminating the need for additional supplementary assignments from the teacher.

Promoting long-term retention

Using spaced repetition, the personal deck promotes effective memorization instead of relying on short-term memory

Rich Data Insights

Stay informed on the progress of your students. With Podsie, you can see how your students are performing in realtime, so you can be informed on what topics you might need to review and re-teach!

Performance Data

Gain comprehensive insights into your students' performance, ranging from individual question analysis to the overall class's proficiency in specific concepts.

Progress Dashboard

Access a standards progress table and a questions progress table, offering valuable insights into student performance.

Optimized Student Support

Receive a mastery score for each student, indicating the average consecutive correct answers they have achieved, providing a measure of their proficiency.

Review Mode

Make sure all your students understand the material! Review mode is an easy way to organize your teaching time by going over hard questions one at a time or making them a Warm Up activity at the start of class!

Easy question selection

Effortlessly compile a review deck from both the home and the student progress page.

Interactive and Flexible Review

Utilize the review question session to address challenging concepts with your entire class or seamlessly organize the questions as a warm-up assignment.

Anonymized Student Data

Ensure privacy and promote open discussions by anonymizing student data, fostering a supportive learning environment.


Share ideas, resources, and feedback with other educators! Join or create Subject Groups to access shared questions.

Access through Invite Code

Easily join  subject groups with other teachers by typing in an Invite Code.

Explore More Questions

Expand your resources and provide a diverse range of questions to enrich student learning experiences.

Shape instructional framework

Provide a cohesive framework for teachers to follow, ensuring consistency and alignment in instructional practices.

Start using Podsie in your classroom!