Initial Academy Webflow Template Release


1. Updated Start Here page with more information

Bug Fixes:
1. Padding Issue on About Us Page on Mobile
2. Changing Default Tab to 1st Tab on Course Platform & Teachers CMS Collection


Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed SVG's and border radius issues on Safari.


Updated audit settings

Hear from a Podsie Teacher

A high school science teacher's thoughts after using Podsie for one school year:

"Throughout my career, I have seen in every single student a great potential to succeed. Podsie has, for so many of my students, realized that potential, granting them both confidence in their learning as well as high academic achievement.Podsie's evidence-backed pedagogies have empowered my students to do great work this past year. The algorithm behind Podsie makes students learn effectively and efficiently. The personal deck system creates differentiation, allowing students to work with the content they have yet to master. This has helped foster in my classrooms an environment in which independent learning takes place. My students love using it."

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